Toronto dentist, Dr. Mladen Sevaljevic has developed a distinct dental practice with a reputation for creating outstanding patient experiences and beautiful dentistry, ranging from simple to complex services. His dedication to the long-term oral health, comprehensive treatment, and tender care of his guests distinguishes him from other dentists.

Dr. Mladen Sevaljevic achieves this by listening and satisfying the needs and desires of his visiting patients/families.

As you share your feelings we promise that you will be heard, your needs and desires will be addressed and your expectations will not only be met, but exceeded.

Dr. Mladen Sevaljevic found that dentistry provided an additional layer of artistry in addition to his concern for the health of others, which attracted him to this area of expertise. Graduating from Belgrade University School of Dentistry (at that time one of top European Universities) and furthered his education with Canadian National Dental Board which took place at most Canadian University’s, from Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Dr. Mladen Sevaljevic stays current with advanced dentistry techniques and technology by pursuing many hours of continuing education. He has been actively involved with high level training in the field of Oral Surgery, Implants. Also very advance continuing education in Aesthetics, Occlusion and Dental Materials. Continuing dental education is critical to Dr. Sevaljevic’s success. He has extensive education in many courses in different specialties to be capable to understand and help patients, and makes the best treatment planning.